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Discover Spa BPZ, always on the look out to improve your regular beauty treatments...
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Discover Spa BPZ, always on the look out to improve your regular beauty treatments...

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Did you know it all started in 1920s, when fashion changed and women began displaying their underams... Gillette started to market underarm shaving to sell razors to women... Since then, waxing started to replace this routine used to be inefficient and time-consuming... and today, Spa BPZ is coming up with a great idea... combining waxing with Oxy Essentials!

Finally an oxygen bar in Hong-Kong? Well, not exactly llike you imagine it (even though a place with such poor air quality, you would think they would be popping at every street corner), but Spa BPZ gets as close as it gest by offering Oxy Essentials, a great 20-min treatment combining the benefit of oxygen inhalation (clearer skin, shiny hair, improvement in athletic, improvement of well being, mood building, weight reduction…) with the relaxation effect of aromatherapy... What better idea than combining this with waxing which can be slightly stresfful at times... one says: "a man will go to war, fight and die for his country. But he won't get a bikini wax"...

After choosing the essential oils blend adapted to your mood (meditation, stress relief, romance, energise, SBPZ has a great selection of organic oils, so pure they are… edible!), you simply put on your oxygen mask and enjoy the luxury of a blissful relaxation, breathing clean over-oxygenated air before getting your wax treatment for underarms and full legs.

Lola’ secret: Party girls and jetsetters alert, super-oxygenated air inhalation is great to fight a mean hangover or overcome jet-lag!

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